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The ManMaid Handyman Team are Settling into Their New Home at Our Fresh Abode.

Updated: Mar 3

Incase you missed our exciting New Beginning! 

The Man Maid Handyman Team are thrilled to announce that we have found a new home on Wandsworth Bridge Road. After a long search, we have finally found the perfect space to call our headquarters, and our amazing team of skilled handymen, carpenters, plumbers, electricians & designers have all been working together to make this the perfect space. So pardon our dust while we spruce up our new home, but rest assured, we are still bringing the same passion and expertise to the table. So for all your handyman and carpentry needs, we've got your back!

Wandsworth Bridge Road is located in Hammersmith & Fulham, six miles south-west of central London. It is a popular route connecting many neighborhoods. 

Fulham has a cosy village feel and its waterside location makes it a favourite spot for cyclists which is perfect for the Man Maid Handyman Team who travel from job to job on their cargo bikes (Tool Trikes) to avoid London's traffic and parking issues.

Since our move we have made great progress on renovating our new shop. The new bathroom installation was top priority and we now have running water, upstairs and down! Our handymen Rory and Deano have sanded and painted our wooden floorboards in the front office. We've had Tony finish insulating our workshop, primarily to stop the noise when our powertools are running. And Barry has been busy running circuits so we have lights before we install our new paneled ceiling.

Wandsworth Bridge Road offers a wide range of shops and services, from organic butchers to sushi restaurants, wine bars to dentists, and chiropractors to bath bomb stores, and at Man Maid, we not only believe in supporting environmental concerns, we also support local businesses whenever possible. Even small purchases can make a big difference when shared across the community. Please consider spending your money at the many small independent shops on Wandsworth Bridge Road, and keep our wonderful community thriving. 

If you're in the area, feel free to stop by and say hi to the Man Maid handymen at our fresh abode and don't forget to Keep an eye out for our cargo bikes and give us a wave or snap a pic and share on social media!

For more info on the local area give @wbrassociation a follow on the socials, and we also love @discoverfulham and @onlyfulham 

You can find live videos and updates of our renovation project on Instagram @manmaidhandymen


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